Wednesday, December 16, 2009

little update!

Hello from our neck of the woods....

So, i just realized i haven't shown off my baby niece Brynlee Corine Zimmerman! so i thought why not now! Oh how I love this little girl she doens't even know!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gracie is now 2!

Gracie turns 2 today and it doesn't even seem as if it could be possible yet! how time flies when your having fun! So today we went out to do some 2 year old pictures!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Its time for a Harvest!

As you all know Johny and I are now the current youth pastors at our church! And we were pretty uneasy about taking on this HUGE commitment! But I now know that this is were we need to be! Tonight I had this great lesson planned on temptation and how Jesus was tempted for 40 days and 40 nights and it started out that way but somehow God stepped in and took over I don't even remember what I said but it got their attention! In the 2 1/2 years we have been working with the youth I don't believe I can recall a night so powerful as tonight, I do remember talking about how Jesus died and going into detail with the kids and the whole time the lesson was going the kids were so quiet, and you know that Jr. High kids are never quiet! So at the end I asked the kids if they truely were ready to make a change and ask Christ into their hearts and I had 3 of 9 kids say yes and I said a prayer with them! but not only that there is a girl who has made some horrible choices in her life and she was going to but then she said i'm going to have to think about this because thats a huge choice to make! So its time for harvest! And this is only the beginning!

And thats not the only thing that has happened today! It seems I have seen God everywhere today! But as you all know my sisters husband was killed. And I have been praying for her and a way to show Christ to her, well I've been doing what I can to do that, being a servant, inviting her to church every sunday, watching the kids for her, and the list can go on. Well today while I was at her house our neighboring church's pastor and his wife stopped by to give Lennie what they have recieved in an offering for her family. Well it was way beyond generous!! The check was in the Thousands! and my sister is completely debt free! I just pray that Lennie truely sees how God is a good, loving, caring, and kind Father who will always take care of her!

Thank You all for your wonderful prayers! We need every bit of it and its so amazing to see what comes from a simple prayer for somebody else! Praise God!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gracie Knows You!!!

Tonight as Gracie and I are doing our "nightly picture looking", I started to ask her who people were and I was very suprised! She knew who ALL the aunts are, ALL the cousins, ALL the uncles, but the one that impressed me was she knows the difference between Grandma and Grandma Butler!

And a shout out to Uncle Jason... Your no longer Uncle Jason your......... Uncy Jacy! Thats what she says when shes a picture of him!

A blog wouldn't be complete with out pictures so here you go!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Treck through the storm...

So last night on the way home from church there was a pretty cool Thunder and Lighting Storm going on... it was fun to watch the lighting was everywhere.... it was probably one of the coolest storms I had ever been in... So i took the highway unstead of taking our usuall cut off road... only to come to find we where headed straight for the the center of the storm.... I thought i loved storms but I'm going to say I love storms from a distance and not in a car! once in the center of the storm I wasn't even pushing on the gas petal and between the lighting, rain, hail, wind, and windsheild wipers i couldn't see the white or yellow line.... I wasn't up for driving much farther, so I pulled over and johny and i switched seats! but we didn't want to get out of the car since we were in the middle of the storm... we had to do in while in the car!!! wasn't the easiest task but we gotter done! :) while switching seats we looked at Gracie and she had both of her ears pluged because the rain and wind were so loud she couldn't handle it. and her eyes were WIDE open. poor little thing didn't understand what was going on. We made it home finally and safely. the storm had settled down and we sat in the neighbors garage and watch the rest of it. And my conculsion on storms is they are amazing at a distance but not in the center!

One the other side:

I had a little photo shoot with the girls yesterday so i thought i would share a few!!! Gracie wouldn't look at the camara unless she was hold Evalie. So thats why all of the back shots of her! Hope you enjoy!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pictures of the 4th and more!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Aunt "B" is Braging

These are my to most favorite girls ever! they are as sweet as the come!

This is Shelbie. She is my little allstar! She's a little sportster, she loves basketball, football, and baseball. She calls herself Aunt "B's" Basketball girl! I love her so much. She has the biggest heart ever! She's my favorite Oldest neice!

This is Tori. She is my little princess! Anything girly or pink she'll love it. She has a huge heart and adores her Uncle Johny when ever I show up without him she always asks where he is before she says hi! She's my little doll and my favorite second oldest neice!

This is Kassi she is the cutest little girl. She's so sweet and mellow, you ask her for a kiss and with out hessitation you have one! She's Gracie's best friend! I love this girl. She is my favorite youngest neice!

This is Cash. He's my baby boy! But he's not a little one he's 9 months old and weighs more than his big sister. He's my little chunky man! This little guy is always happy and let me tell ya he's always happy. You can just look at him and he's laughing at you. I love him so much. He's my favorite only nephew!

Last but not least, other sister Katie just found out their having a baby girl! So we're going to be adding more to the girls of the family! I'm totally excited and can't wait to meet her! She's due in the beginning of November! Watch out boys you don't know whats ahead of you! And when she comes into the world she will be my favorite yougest neice!(Sorry no pics yet)

Just a few other pics to show off!

We have Tori, Ben, Newton, and Tate. These guys are so much fun to watch play together.