Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Its time for a Harvest!

As you all know Johny and I are now the current youth pastors at our church! And we were pretty uneasy about taking on this HUGE commitment! But I now know that this is were we need to be! Tonight I had this great lesson planned on temptation and how Jesus was tempted for 40 days and 40 nights and it started out that way but somehow God stepped in and took over I don't even remember what I said but it got their attention! In the 2 1/2 years we have been working with the youth I don't believe I can recall a night so powerful as tonight, I do remember talking about how Jesus died and going into detail with the kids and the whole time the lesson was going the kids were so quiet, and you know that Jr. High kids are never quiet! So at the end I asked the kids if they truely were ready to make a change and ask Christ into their hearts and I had 3 of 9 kids say yes and I said a prayer with them! but not only that there is a girl who has made some horrible choices in her life and she was going to but then she said i'm going to have to think about this because thats a huge choice to make! So its time for harvest! And this is only the beginning!

And thats not the only thing that has happened today! It seems I have seen God everywhere today! But as you all know my sisters husband was killed. And I have been praying for her and a way to show Christ to her, well I've been doing what I can to do that, being a servant, inviting her to church every sunday, watching the kids for her, and the list can go on. Well today while I was at her house our neighboring church's pastor and his wife stopped by to give Lennie what they have recieved in an offering for her family. Well it was way beyond generous!! The check was in the Thousands! and my sister is completely debt free! I just pray that Lennie truely sees how God is a good, loving, caring, and kind Father who will always take care of her!

Thank You all for your wonderful prayers! We need every bit of it and its so amazing to see what comes from a simple prayer for somebody else! Praise God!