Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Aunt "B" is Braging

These are my to most favorite girls ever! they are as sweet as the come!

This is Shelbie. She is my little allstar! She's a little sportster, she loves basketball, football, and baseball. She calls herself Aunt "B's" Basketball girl! I love her so much. She has the biggest heart ever! She's my favorite Oldest neice!

This is Tori. She is my little princess! Anything girly or pink she'll love it. She has a huge heart and adores her Uncle Johny when ever I show up without him she always asks where he is before she says hi! She's my little doll and my favorite second oldest neice!

This is Kassi she is the cutest little girl. She's so sweet and mellow, you ask her for a kiss and with out hessitation you have one! She's Gracie's best friend! I love this girl. She is my favorite youngest neice!

This is Cash. He's my baby boy! But he's not a little one he's 9 months old and weighs more than his big sister. He's my little chunky man! This little guy is always happy and let me tell ya he's always happy. You can just look at him and he's laughing at you. I love him so much. He's my favorite only nephew!

Last but not least, other sister Katie just found out their having a baby girl! So we're going to be adding more to the girls of the family! I'm totally excited and can't wait to meet her! She's due in the beginning of November! Watch out boys you don't know whats ahead of you! And when she comes into the world she will be my favorite yougest neice!(Sorry no pics yet)

Just a few other pics to show off!

We have Tori, Ben, Newton, and Tate. These guys are so much fun to watch play together.