Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Treck through the storm...

So last night on the way home from church there was a pretty cool Thunder and Lighting Storm going on... it was fun to watch the lighting was everywhere.... it was probably one of the coolest storms I had ever been in... So i took the highway unstead of taking our usuall cut off road... only to come to find we where headed straight for the the center of the storm.... I thought i loved storms but I'm going to say I love storms from a distance and not in a car! once in the center of the storm I wasn't even pushing on the gas petal and between the lighting, rain, hail, wind, and windsheild wipers i couldn't see the white or yellow line.... I wasn't up for driving much farther, so I pulled over and johny and i switched seats! but we didn't want to get out of the car since we were in the middle of the storm... we had to do in while in the car!!! wasn't the easiest task but we gotter done! :) while switching seats we looked at Gracie and she had both of her ears pluged because the rain and wind were so loud she couldn't handle it. and her eyes were WIDE open. poor little thing didn't understand what was going on. We made it home finally and safely. the storm had settled down and we sat in the neighbors garage and watch the rest of it. And my conculsion on storms is they are amazing at a distance but not in the center!

One the other side:

I had a little photo shoot with the girls yesterday so i thought i would share a few!!! Gracie wouldn't look at the camara unless she was hold Evalie. So thats why all of the back shots of her! Hope you enjoy!!!